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And, since people like architectural posts - Diff and Annie’s house. They shouldn’t have to add on till the second child is due, and then it should be easy to add a story.


As Rhett sat down to read the morning paper, he realized summer was almost over. He suddenly had a strong urge to go swimming. Candy, still struggling with motherhood, welcomed any opportunity to get out of the house. So, Valentine offered to stay home with baby Aiken, as long as they took Goldie along with them.

That was generous of Val - he loves the Swimming Hole. (Gets to show off his dives, and then there’s the ladies in swimsuits factor.) But perhaps he has an ulterior motive.

Gavin corners Diff by the parrot cage and tries to talk to him seriously about his future marriage to Annie. Merlin is mobbed by Family women and doesn’t reject a single attempt to talk to his belly. Merlin is the crabby Hawkins, too! I feel really bad now for waiting so long to do this, as he’s clearly in his element.

All good things must end, though, so Gavin bids his guests good-by and he and Naenae go down to the Convenient Stores to get both of them some decent Elder threads; because Naenae’s not got long before she ages up, too.

Ginger hangs around longer than anybody else, the girls bond in the kitchen, and Sir Pounce is not neglected. Another rotation finished for Newsons’ Corners.

Random had to get home and take a little nap, so they’d all be fresh for the big event of the day. Yes, Gozii and Eugene aren’t the only ones in Newsons’ corners getting older - it’s Gavin’s elder birthday!

I was much less free with the teleporter cat this time. All the siblings and their SOs were there; plus Annie and Diff of course; plus his favorite niece Guadalupe; plus Ernest and Sage Ann. Because originally Gavin blamed the survivors of the disaster for living when his parents died during the rescue attempt, and rejected any and all attempts by them to help the Newsons out. This didn’t stop them, of course. Harris Hawkins was the first one to break his boundaries; but he didn’t really thaw till he went to college and moved into the same dorm as the Alma Maters. (A long way from being able to afford a house at that time.) Ernest was the one who came out to meet him. Ernest and Greg were the last ones to see the Newson parents alive, and they have always treated the Newsons as honorary Upslopers. Greg should have been there, too, but Ernest is the one Gavin really gets along with, so I decided against teleporting Greg in, too.

Random was delighted to see her favorite Uncle Merlin’s baby bump. Alma hogged Annie. Gavin ate his cake and went around hugging people. Somebody broke the stereo. And there was much paryting.

Gozii’s birthday safely completed, it was time for the final house in Newsons’ Corners, Gavin’s. The family had just gotten back from Three Lakes and everyone but Random was tired, so she played with Sir Pounce and tried, unsuccessfully, to distract him from an altercation with a skunk. Poor Sir Pounce!

So Random took herself down the hill to see if anybody else was hanging out. She went to the bowling alley, where she met no one she had a reason to care about; and then I decided it was time somebody visited the bookstore I downloaded from Leefish ages ago. Turns out I didn’t have all the necessary custom content…oh well. She ran into Nemo and they got along all right, and then on her way out ran into Pearl Onions. Pearl wasn’t interested in hearing about her vacation, alas!

In the middle of Gozii’s birthday party, two things happened. First, I got a notice that Frieda was sick with a cold; second, Gozii blew out her candles and aged down till she was six days from teen!

So I quit without saving, tracked down the cold to Dave Ottomas - whose invitation had already been saved, so I couldn’t uninvite him - locked him in his room till I got a wellness notice, and quit the game so I could back up and troubleshoot. after a few experiments demonstrated that it wasn’t any custom content, I realized that Ginger didn’t age at 6:00 either. Apparently, I’d never turned aging back on on the lot! And apparently, if aging is off when a sim blows out birthday candles, the result is six days of youthening. Always something new to find out in this game.

Gozii’s party looked very different without CC! You don’t realize how many hairs you’ve downloaded till you have to take your downloads folder out to troubleshoot. It’s also interesting to see the things that people clone curtains from!



am I allowed to reblog it if I’m more than one of these?

But aren’t we all angry space witches, really, in our hearts?

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I’m conducting a little survey on how players use the “stealth ‘hood” sim bin families in their games, and I figured I’d share the link here as well as on Mod The Sims. If you have a few minutes to spare and you play/played The Sims 2, please feel free to complete the survey for me! Thank you for your time! :-)

Help a sister out.

Gozii and Ginger had a nice mother-daughter talk over darts, Ginger tended the garden again so Gracie wouldn’t have to bend over with her belly, Gozii got into decent clothes and got online for awhile before going to bed, where Frieda was already asleep. In the morning, they got together and did something about her hair.

I’m still not sure if getting them together would be squicky or sweet. They’re as unrelated as it’s possible to get in this neighborhood, though, as far as actual genes are concerned.

Never mind. I’ve got plenty of time to see what develops.

In addition to Dove and Guadalupe’s random acts of aggression, which started spreading to Dave Ottomas when he saw Dove picking on his girlfriend, Nemo and Swainson ate together in the kitchen and Nemo seemed to be trying to pick a fight with him. Since the only way to pick a fight with Swainson or his father is to cheat on one of their numerous relatives, and Nemo knows perfectly well he’s in clover with Gracie, this did not happen. Gozii introduced her new roommate to her old one and tried to bring Carmel out of his shel, leaving Gracie and Alma (good old Alma!) to defuse the Guadalupe-Dove problem.

Gozii was happy with her party, and went straight upstairs to change clothes as soon as she cleared the dishes.

Note that Cooper and Ginger did not attend in their underthings. Cooper would have and not thought twice about it, but I queued up showers for them after they woohooed. Because Ginger isn’t as thoroughly Hawkinsed as that!

And then, it was time to throw Gozii’s birthday party! Frieda threw it, inviting those teens she was friends or almost friends with; and then I saved and used the teleporter cat to create the proper mob scene.

Because Gozii has been so slow to make friends outside the family, and been so supremely satisfied with that, I gave her the default Hawkins Family aspiration. Her randomly rolled turn-ons and turn-offs were aliens, cooking/blonde.

And I looked at Frieda and thought, “Hmmmm….”

But there was a shortage of non-relatives to check out, so I was postponing setting her gender preference, anyway. In the meantime, Frieda got acquainted with the other lesbian at the party (no bolts at all? How does that happen, Knowledge/Knowledge?) and it began to dawn on the hosts that something needed to be done about the hostility between Dove and Guadalupe.

Back home, Gozii needs to take a nap, Gracie needs to pop, Frieda is embarrassed, and Ginger and Cooper celebrate - the Hawkins way!

Frieda needs to settle in to her new neighborhood, Gozii needs new school clothes, they need to get better acquainted since they’ll be sharing a room - all this adds up to a trip to the Convenient Stores. Gozii showed off her ten outgoing points (with which she has so far only befriended family members) and Frieda played games and met one other teen. I don’t quite like the way Ashley Pitts-Upsnott is hanging around talking to underage girls, and am suddenly remembering his old habit of spying on Livva Ann Onions and Samantha Ottomas when they were pregnant.

Gozii is having a high old time meeting people and using the facilities.

Sunday morning. Gracie doesn’t let morning sickness interfere with her pottery production, Nemo and Cooper have serious discussions over chess, and Gozii cleans up after one big sister, calls another one to talk (she misses Ginevra!), and smustles, ‘cause she means it.

Somehow I never quite gave Gozii the attention she deserved as a child. She’s undemanding, is the thing.

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