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This being the warehouse, I didn’t attempt to control too much as long as Scottie’s potty training proceeded and nobody starved, so there was much going to bed and getting up again, playing and vacation gesturing, dancing, etc. Marie actually seemed more comfortable around company in her nightie, go figure.

A toddler in the warehouse will be a new challenge. The boys can’t skip school - they need their scholarships. But Marie shouldn’t have to skip every day. I wonder who we could trust to watch Scottie?

And it’s warehouse time! The Tierras are adjusting to warehouse life. Since it’s Sunday, the boys decide to invite more people over to meet them; but Marie gets all shy and keeps fussing with Scottie as an excuse not to meet people. She practically destroyed her own fun bar - as soon as I’d tell her to do anything fun she’d jump up and decide Scottie needed a bath or the plates needed clearing or something.

The invitation was for the “Shy Kids” social group, from which Grimnir has not yet been removed, and which is almost entirely made of girls. So Marie couldn’t fill any of her big-ticket wants. She’s Family; it’s spring; nothing but falling in love will satisfy her, and nobody here is eligible.


Mary went to bed about 5am, so when Ash left for school, Val was the only one awake. He got on with the cleaning whilst Mary and Leo slept, since he wanted to ask Mary on a date, and knew she wouldn’t agree unless all the housework was done. He does sometimes wonder precicely why they have a maid if he’s going to end up doing all the cleaning to stop Mary doing it, but there you have it.

Consequently, Val was just about ready to ask Mary on a date at about ten, when Leo decided now was the right time to fill his diaper. By the time Mary had got him fed and changed (I was going to make Val change him, despite his fear of it, but I decided sorting out his hunger bar was a more efficient use of his time) it was getting on for twelve. Date time, nevertheless.

Ash arrived home when they were just about getting to woohoo wants, and whilst they stopped to cheer his A+ (it is seriously far too hard to get good grades in this game), Ash was worn out and headed up for a nap, leaving his parents to fulfil their woohoo wants. No try for baby, since neither of them have the want, but this house is feeling very empty now, so if Mary doesn’t roll the want when Leo grows up tomorrow, I might have to do something about that…

This house and the Lands - once people start moving out, they just feel wrong. No doubt Val and Mary feel that, too. But it’s good for Mary to rest up between births. And Val’s likely to start rolling baby fears, just because of his age.


All was well in Hartland, with the house spilling over with Harts and Lands, gathered to celebrate the birth of Val and Mary’s second son together, Leo. Everyone was on funny sleep scheduals, but that only really matters for Ash, since neither Val nor Mary work (which may prove problematic in the future, since they have less than 4,000 simoleons to their name, and Val’s pension can hardly be expected to cover the upkeep of the Hart estate, and the feeding and clothing of two growing boys), Goldie’s off to college in the morning, and of course Leo will never be on a reliable schedual until he hits school age.

Everyone was wide-awake with full energy at 9pm, so, as the gathering broke up, Val taught Ash to study, and Mary tended to Leo, who needed changing after Goldie fed him a spoilt bottle. Goldie doesn’t like Ash or Leo much, so I’m not entirely convinced this was just an innocent mistake… Homework done, and Val took Ash down to the Swimming Hole, where he swum, played red hands with Daddy, had a hot dog, and failed to greet his nephew, Ad.

First thing in the morning, Goldie called for her scholarships and headed off to Widespot College. She’s had a rough teenhood - first moving all the way out here, then Angel dying, then all the stuff between Mary and Candy, and two little brothers she never really wanted, and then her two “proper” siblings both moving out. Hopefully college will be a little kinder to her…

Goldie? Sinister motives? Surely not…Don’t worry, college makes everything better, in my experience! Val is so good with kids, when he wants to be.

Public Service Announcement for Widespot Players

In the versions of Widespot y’all are currently playing, one of Woody’s earliest memories is of pottytraining Skye!

I fixed that, so that Woody now remembers Skye pottytraining him, and reuploaded it at MTS. You can easily fix this memory yourself in SimPE; but if you haven’t played yet, you may as well get the 3.1 version uploaded today.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

In the Dawn, formerly Livingstone, household, married life has changed Amber somewhat. She cleans now. Not consistently, and not always the dirtiest thing in the apartment. She also wanted to relax on the bed next to him, not to sleep, though she was plenty tired from working all night at her “imports” job. I finally had to tell her to go to bed, and when she got up she decided to work on her skills. I let Alon do as he pleased when he woke, but as soon as she left for work he tackled his book, and finished it - Plumbob’s Rainbow, a philosophical blockbuster universally hailed by critics as “dense and chewy, with a sticky aftertaste.”

Skylar came home exhausted and fell into bed, so Estella went to bed, too, so their energy levels would be about the same at the same time and she could pounce on him to help her with homework. Once she learned to study, he was allowed to take care of his needs and Estella amused herself and Starfire for awhile, before getting dressed and fixing her own breakfast. She reckons today she’ll bring home that A+ and her daddies will be so proud! (I don’t think they could get any prouder of you, Estella. I couldn’t - and I didn’t have a thing to do with making you; you were pure random chance operating on a game-generated townie who sort of accidentally backed into the game.)

Derek is concerned about finances. Skylar makes decent money in the SCIA (Derek pretends to not know about that, but Skylar talks in his sleep and anyway, how else did he get that machine that changed his turn-ons?), but Derek writes the checks and when he pays rent they’re down to less than a thousand dollars in the bank. They might ought to get a roommate, but that’d mean putting the cat stuff and trampoline into the study, which would be inconvenient. So he picks up some freelance work writing a restaurant guide, while Skylar continues his project of getting fit to suit Derek’s turn-ons better. Skylar has to leave for work about the time Estella gets home from school, alas.

Estella brings Juan Baptisto Starchild home from school with her, and immediately proceeds to regale him with the full story of her origins. Derek makes supper and they entertain the entire complex. Derek is trying to get Starfire trained a bit, which is a bit of a chore with so many people slapdancing in his living room.

And you know what Estella at school means - Derek and Skylar can finally leave the lot for a date! (Yes, they could have asked the neighbors to watch her, but their neighbors aren’t that easy to catch and Skylar doesn’t actually trust any of them much - Derek’s the only one with friends in the complex.)

They go all the way in to Drama Acres, where they have a nice lunch and Derek runs into one of his frat-brothers-in-law-best-friends Skylar can’t even track it. Skylar goes outside to wait and is confronted by the Unsavory Charlatan, but isn’t falling for his jive. They then go all the way up the hill to the Mary Munny Memorial Music Center, where Skylar very much does not want his picture taken, but goes through with it anyway. Derek makes it up to him in ways Mary herself would heartily approve.

But of course, what I really want to see when I open up the Rainbow Apartments is: ESTELLA!

The little girl whose only punctuation is the exclamation mark!

Heidi has a day off work and is basically biding her time till I get back to the Estic-Moiselle household for her wedding. So she gets online for awhile, and has a chat with Honey, who comes over briefly, leaving Dominic to watch baby Tel. They play catch and catch up, but Honey’s not willing to leave the baby for very long yet. Heidi goes back in and thoughtfully feeds the fish.

She has wanted to be settled down since the day she started play. I’ve never had a Family sim this eager to grab onto somebody and get a ring on him. And it’s been one damn thing after another for her. Is she really at the end of the obstacle course? Is she really going to marry Maddox as soon as I finish the other two houses in the complex and play the Warehouse Boys?

Heidi changed into the clothes I want her to take with her to the Estic-Moiselle household while Jordan, who wanted to be friends with that nice Tina she met at Helen’s party, invited her over. Heidi had to greet her, because Jordan took a call from a townie acquaintance immediately afterward, and made her 20th best friend over the phone. This is her LTW so she’s in a permanent good mood. So I better start figuring out how to play her as the steady, fulfilled single woman who is always the stable ground her friends retreat to during Drama.

Oh, she now wants to woohoo 20 sims…but some of her best friends are guys, so that’s not as straightforward a project as it seems.

Anyway, she and Tina hung out, and Jordan decided that hair Wouldn’t Do. Her mom used to cut hair in the living room of their trailer, back in the little town she thinks of as Closetville (Heidi’s from there, too) so she knows whereof she speaks. Tina insists that it be a conservative, simple cut (swimming with dolphins and so on, you know), but Jordan in anxious to make her look less vulnerable.

This is purely altruistic on Jordan’s part, because Tina is straight, and she knows it.

Heidi, of course, was sick with a cold. So I locked her in her room till I got a wellness notice, while the entire complex gathered in the apartment.

She soon felt much better and went outside to work on her logic in the bright sunshine.

Next apartment complex I build, by the way, will totally have a roof garden with a telescope on it.


I’ve hit a sim-equivalent of writers block in Sand Simoleon Point - I suddenly discovered that Althea Redford’s due to go to college next rotation, and started building two rival universities, Redbrick and POLY-U, but I’m rather uninspired when it comes to the building, so… time for a Widespot break!

It was Virginia Beech’s last night at home, and she threw her off to college party, inviting Junior, Dixie, Goldie, and Woody. Because that’s not a disaster waiting to happen… Although Woody is techinically only dating one girl at a time - Goldie at the moment - he still has love tags with both Dixie and Virginia. Also, Hamilton saw him dating Goldie last rotation, so I had a job keeping him occupied enough that he never had time to decide which one he’d most like to slap.

Woody started out by telling Goldie numerous dirty jokes, but fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) that was as far as it went. Everyone came in for dinner, including River, whom Rocky greeted on a walkby. Soon after dinner, I think Woody must’ve taken himself home, because I couldn’t find him anyway. Everyone else played darts and kicky bag, and exchanged dirty jokes, until the party ended up as a Good Time, and everyone headed home or to bed.

Virginia called for her scholarships (just the grades one, and the logic one) first thing, and then her family saw her off in their pyjamas as she got in the taxi which will take her to Widespot College.

Rocky and Rainbow headed off to school and Hamilton to work, and Sandy was left home alone, where she proceeded to get on top of the housework - three bathrooms to clean, five beds to make, the kitchen to clean, stray papers to pick up. In the middle of it all, Daytona’s puppy Pebble grew up into a rather large dog, and proceeded to put his new found size to the test by knocking the trash can over.

Rocky came home from school with a townie, Merlin Gray, who has such an awesome name I forsee sending him to Widespot College in the future. Whilst Rocky got himself the last hamburger in the fridge for dinner, Merlin sat down and played chess with Sandy,

Rainbow came home from school with homework, but she was too tired to get to it straight away. In fact, when I saved at 6pm, the whole family (apart from Pebble, who was outside defending his teritory from intruder Rover) were fast asleep.

Of course Goldie knows she’s related to Rainbow - she can see the nose! She’s just pretending real hard that she can’t, since everybody else is.


The first Summer flies by for the Weiss household. The triplets are growing up fast, and there are a couple of new arrivals!

*Pictures have captions*

You realize your entire neighborhood will be green forever?

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